Our Department of Dietetics of BRB Hospitals Limited Dhaka is an established department with well-trained clinical and experienced dieticians, working as a team to provide holistic and integrated dietary services. This department aims at providing the highest level of nutrition care and education to the patient. The principle of the department of Dietetics is to provide highest quality nutrition care and standards health care to in-patients and out-patients.


Objectives of the Department:

·         To provide the highest quality nutrition care and dietetic services

·         To develop effective therapies and new treatments, using evidence-based practice.

·         Protect immune function and decrease the risk of infection

·         Minimize nutrition related side effects and complication

·         Prevent or reverse nutritional deficiencies

·         Help patient better tolerate treatment

·         Maintain strength and energy

·         Aid in recovery and healing

·         Maximize the quality of life.

We provide diet counseling for dietary management of:


You can come to our out-patient clinic for diet counseling on your own, or if recommended by your treating physician. Also BRB Hospitals Limited preventive health packages provide diet consultation.

·         Under weight management

·         Over weight Management

·         Obesity Control

·         Diabetic diet and calorie controlled diet

·         Diet for renal disease

·         Diet for heart disease

·         Diet for gastrointestinal disorders

·         Diet plan for hypothyroidism  & hyperthyroidism

·         Diet plan for gastroenteritis

·         Diet plan for arthritic

·         Diet for Anemia prevention of nutritional deficiencies

·         Nutrition management of pregnant and lactating women

·         Nutrition management of infancy, pre-school children & school children

·         Nutrition management of adolescents & adults

·         Nutrition management of chronic renal failure

·         Nutrition management of acute renal failure

·         Nutrition management of Nephritic syndrome

·         Nutrition management of burn patients

·         Nutrition management of cancer patients

·         Nutritional care before and after dialysis

·         Nutrition management of Naso-gastric tube feeding

·         Hepatic Diet (Jaundice, Cirrhosis, Hepatic, Carcinoma etc.)

·         Sodium restricted diet for hypertension, edema, heart, kidney and liver diseases

·         Pediatric nutrition

·         Potassium Rich Diet

·         Diet plan for Low Purine

·         Diet plan for Balanced Diet

·         Diet plan for Malnutrition

Our Dietetics Department services:

·         In-patient dietetics department services

·         Out-patient dietetics department services