Department of Colorectal & Laparoscopic Surgery of BRB Hospitals Limited offers a wide range of complete and excellent medical and surgical processes. The department is well equipped with the latest technology and facilities and is operated by skilled surgeons, nurses and technicians. Colorectal Surgery focuses on treatment of the abdominal organs especially colon, rectum, anal canal and small intestine with open & minimally invasive laparoscopic and LASER  surgery.

World class treatment of piles (haemorrhoid), colon cancer, rectum cancer, anal cancer, fistula, abscess, anal fissure, rectal prolapse, incontinence, constipation, obstructed defecation, diarrhoea, dysentry, tumour, abdominal pain, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, tuberculosis, polyps, vomiting, abdominal pain & dystension, dyspepsia, gas, per rectal bleeding, anal pain, pilonidal sinus etc are available. Procedures such as colonoscopy, LASER Surgery, tailored lateral internal sphincterotomy,  rubber band/ring ligation, injection sclerotherapy, Longo, STARR, fistula surgery, APR, Anterior resection, colectomy, Laparoscopic rectopexy, Delorme’s procedure etc are done regularly with excellent outcome.

We have 24/7 emergency patients service specialized team for stabilization and treatment of the patient.